More about me

When talking about me, most of my writing begins with “I” and that embarrasses me.  Hopefully, by not using “I” so much, this will not sound too aloof.  What can anyone say about himself without sounding egocentrical?  (Is that a word?)  Let me just state my principals and values. Fairness, which most people seem to think is impossible, is paramount for me. I truly believe in “Love thy neighbour as thyself.” If you love a person, how can treat the person anyway but fair? Respect of a person just because she is a human is absolute. Behaviour can be changed.
I would like to be positive all the time, but my writing can seem to be very negative. That may be because I want to try to promote action. For some reason, people in the US are just too complacent. They feel powerless and I would like to see that changed.  As an individual a person may not be able to accomplish much, but that one person can get others involved. And a group is not powerless. Groups must be given attention.
This is becoming a blog and it is supposed to be an introduction. I hope readers find my opinions interesting, possibly informative, and helpful.

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