2012-07-30, Baguio, Philippines

2012-07-30, Baguio, Philippines

I cannot go out today because there is a Signal One storm around here.  Signal One in the Philippines is equivalent to a Category One Hurricane in the U.S.  Lots of rain which keeps coming and going and strong winds.  This particular storm, called Gener by Philippines, seems to be like a series of storms. Whenever there is no rain, there is wind.  Not certain the rate of speed of these winds, but the weather prognosticator mentioned that there could be gusts of up to 100 kilometers per hour – that’s about 60 miles per hour.  Right now the electricity is off; the rain has stopped and there are winds gusting. Gas is used for cooking and candles come out at the appropriate time. There is only one candle at a time unless someone absolutely has to have a candle in a different room from the one.

One can never tell when the electricity will return or how long it will stay.  In a storm like this one, sometimes there are several outages and then there may be only one long one, like the one which lasted for fourteen hours. But, the problem was not caused by a storm then. That was a human error when someone forgot and flipped a switch at the energy generating company to the local provider company. The whole city was without power, some sections for eleven hours, others for fourteen hours. Our house was one of the ones out for the fourteen.

I do not think I am going to be writing any more, so this is as far as my General Journal for last month goes.

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