Correction to earlier note

In a previous note, I wrote that the 133rd Infantry Division held off the Japanese from entering Baguio. It was the 123rd Infantry Division. My apologies to those who may have been offended by my error. Also, the Division actually captured a Japanese Division. I could not see the entire monument; we drove by rather quickly, very early in the morning, and in the rain, so I am not certain which Japanese division was captured. I do not know what happened to the captured soldiers, either. I guess I could look up what happened in that battle.

Nay and I were on our way to Manila for Immigration, hopefully for the last time.  Immigration was not too bad. Nato help navigate me around from one window to another. I had not advised Immigration of my new addressed and I had to pay a fine of 1,200 pisos (almost $30, US).

I do not like these one-day trips. Have to leave here at 1:10 AM to arrive in Manila (Pasay) around 6AM for morning appointment. Otherwise I would have to go the day before and stay in hotel, which is usually another 50 to 70 USD extra,  I prefer not to spend any more than I must.  Have a difficult time trying to sleep on the bus and most of the highways are one lane.

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