HELLO -My Introduction

I wrote one of these a short while ago, and it was also short, which is posted. What I want to say about me is mostly just answering those questions in the Module of Blogging for Beginners. I do keep a journal as well, but it is mostly for private things I don’t really care to share – my private thoughts.

I have been doing some sort of blogging for about two years now, not regularly and I think I need to be more regular (can a person be more regular or is that like being more perfect?) about my writing. One of the reasons is that it gives me something to do since I am retired. I am a Bishop in the Orthodox Catholic Church of the Philippines (if you have questions about that, send a message to me at FB messenger – Gregory Theologian). My ordination name is Gregory.

The people I’d most like to reach are those interested in Theology (no arguments please, just discuss to learn about others). Some of my other ideas are simple things I have learned about history, philosophy, or Theology. I have posted some Biblical quotes for (I hope) inspiration and guidance. I am not one to make judgements about others and what they believe (I guess I am sort of like an Anglican in that respect), but I am more than willing to share things about the Orthodox Church (most of the jurisdictions) and the Byzantine Catholics, where I learned many things about the Christian Church.

Hopefully there will be people who are interested in my opinions and thoughts and we will become friends albeit online mostly, but hopefully in person one day.

Thank you for reading.